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Raleigh Recording Studio

Raleigh Recording Studio

Seeking a professional place to record your CD or demo? We take pride in service orientation, state of the art equipment, and superior project management which combine to insure your project will be affordable, delivered on-time, and within budget!

Sample Recordings
Looking for an artist focused and relaxed environment to record! We are the best in the business at helping you plan your session. We offer ProTools recording in a creative atmosphere. At our recording studio we will support you through all phases of your project. We are a team of affiliated professionals that can help promote your music career by providing a complete range of services including artist development, production, publishing, hiring of session musicians, and booking.

Whether you're looking for personal attention and guidance, or if you just need a professional facility at which to record your project, we can provide the reliable and affordable service you need. Experienced engineers treat every musician's project with care and attention to detail.

We provide top quality equipment, technical expertise, and outstanding service at affordable rates. We combine the speed and versatility of ProTools digital recording with the warmth of analog processing.

Audio Production Samples

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Picking a studio can be intimidating. When you make that first call, you may wonder what or who you're going to get on the other end of the phone. Is it going to be some guy who's set up a studio in his bedroom? Or will it be a big, stuffy studio that's doesn't have an interest in or the time for your questions?

We believe it's a privilege to work with each unique artist. Whatever your situation, we promise to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Here are some of the things that set us apart from most other studios:

STAR TREATMENT:  Satisfied customers can attest to our commitment to service. We always provide a clean recording studio and a comfortable, creative work environment. We have beverages on hand, and are available to take your calls and answer your questions. We have a unique environment outside of the city where you and your friends can relax, watch TV, or listen to the mixdown process. Everyone deserves the star treatment.

QUALITY:  Whether your project is a full band of live musicians, or a singer-songwriter, we have the experience and the know-how to make your dream a reality. If all you have is a melody you hummed into a tape recorder, we can arrange and record a song for you. Or if you've got everything tight and ready to go and all you need is a place to lay it down right and mix it, we can do that too. A less-experienced engineer working on inferior equipment can take more time to do the same work as someone with the right experience. Here are a couple of situations where our experience can help keep your costs down and preserve the sound quality:

What do you do if your drummer's kit is out of tune, or if the snare is ringing out too much? We have the experience to fix these problems and avoid delays in the mixdown. Do you need to fix the timing of one of your parts or get a warmer tone out of your instrument? Are you having trouble getting the sound you want out of your amp? We'll help make the adjustments to get you the sound you want.

FULL SERVICE:  We take pride in being prepared and in providing the highest quality of service in all aspects of the recording business. Besides recording and mixing, we provide services and/or referrals for mastering, CD replication, graphic design, song production, and session musicians. We'll even answer your questions about barcodes and copyright forms.

VALUE:  The value you get from a studio is a combination of what you pay and what you get. Try and look deeper than just asking, "How much per hour", or "Do you have ProTools?" We're not the cheapest and we're not the most expensive. We do provide a great value. And we will give you an honest opinion if we believe you should consider other options. We offer and encourage free consultations prior to any session in order to help us both prepare. We'll help plan your session to help you meet your artistic and business goals.